easy banishing spells

If that is the case with you, you certainly need help of somebody who could help you get rid of that person and free your life from all sorts of troubles and worries.

You know, what is the solution we are talking about and who is going to help you with that?

We are talking about banishing spells that will let you get rid of anyone in your life who had been troubling you and the person who is going to do that for you is the expert astrologer.

Life has become very complicated these days. People just envy each other and want to move further while pushing each other. Other reasons are when people just want to interfere in your life and keep on creating troubles for you. This becomes real trouble when water gets over your head.

In that case, you need an expert like me to handle these problems for you. I am going to give you the best spells to banish someone from your life and get rid of that person forever.

Now, it’s time to give some action to the idea and for that I am going to share the best spells to banish someone from your life:

Things you need:
• Paper
• Pair of Ruler Scissors
• Florida Water

Now, cut the paper in stripes of width one inch. With these stripes, you need to make a chain of paper.

It is advisable to meditate for 5-10 minutes beforehand to clear your mind of any other thought and especially negative thoughts and focus all your energy in one direction.

The main steps of the banishing are:

On the strips of paper write words, phrases, or draw symbols that correlate to that which you are looking to be free of.

Join these paper strips in the form of a circle and dab a little Florida water on the end of these circles.

Now, feel as if you are confined and stuck in this very circle. Try to focus your pain and feel it. Try to focus your attention to the fact that how bad you feel being trapped and stuck in a place like this and think about how much you wish to be free of whatever troubles or worries are around you.

Now, come out of that circle forcibly as if you are snapping out of all your problems. You should intensely feel all your emotions, you may shout, be loud, cry or scream.

Once you do that say the following words:

Negative energy, you may not stay, I release you, be on your way, from here on out, I banish thee, These are my words, so mote it be!

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Now, feel as you have been freed from all those problems and burn this piece of paper.

There are many easy banishing spells that I can give you to get rid of the unnecessary troubles of your problem by getting rid of the person who is creating them. This is the best of them. This not only lets you feel the pain and relief at the same time but is also effective immediately. With this happening you are going to get free of your troubles created by the person whom you want to get rid of.

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